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Games Workshop Posts 40k E&C and FAQ Update

Age of Sigmar might be getting a new edition, but that doesn't mean that 40k isn't changing as well. Games Workshop has posted up a new E&C and FAQ update that brings along its own changes to the game. Want to see what's been updated? Head on over and take a look.

From the article:

The current edition of Warhammer 40,000 is nearly one year old, and what a year it’s been – Mortarion decimating the loyal Imperials, Dark Angels teleporting in to bash some heads, and the Drukhari tearing out of the webway even more terrifyingly than before.

Alongside the impending arrival of the Chapter Approved Grand Tournament Mission Pack 2021, which includes some pretty sizeable points drops for a range of units, a series of FAQs and updates have been put together by the Warhammer 40,000 Studio team to address your burning questions and clarify key details to make the game even better.

In addition to several clarifications and designers’ commentaries on rules requested by our players, a few tweaks have been made to improve the overall matched play experience and set the stage for upcoming tournaments like the Warhammer US Open Series

Take a look below to find the FAQs for your own faction – but to whet your appetite, here’s a summary of some of the key changes.