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Games Workshop Posts Harbingers of Destruction Rules for Warcry

And some more new rules for Warcry since the new edition's box set is up on Games Workshop's webstore again this week. This time around, it's the Harbingers of Destruction (if that's not the name of a metal song/album, I don't know what is).

From the article:

The new edition of Warcry is bringing a host of changes to fighter profiles and warband abilities as we get ready to enter the Gnarlwood. Yesterday we shared a whole bunch of new rules for hundreds of warriors fighting for the Grand Alliance of Order, and today it’s the turn of the Harbingers of Destruction.

Ranging from brutal Ironjawz to kunnin’ Gloomspite Gitz, this Grand Alliance boasts a number of warbands with which to conquer the deadly forests of Ghur. Having taken a look at the changes to the Thunderstrike Stormcast yesterday, we’re now examining their most recent rivals, the Kruleboyz.

One of the big changes that the Heart of Ghur launch box brings in its wake is the addition of Reactions, allowing you to respond during an enemy fighter’s activation. Since the Kruleboyz are sneaky lads, they can ambush their foes in a Kunnin’ Trap.