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Games Workshop Posts New Cursed City Preview

Games Workshop is giving you another look at the Cursed City set coming for Warhammer Quest. This time, they're headed to the undead side of the picture. You figure, if you've got a cursed city, there's going to be shambling undead around, amirite? Well, you can see them for yourself here.

From the article:

“Hear ye, hear ye. I’m the Cursed City crier, and I’m here to tell you about the macabre beings that haunt the streets. If you hear the rasp of dull steel in dry soil and the rattle of bone dragging across the cobbles – run. The Gravekeeper can’t be reasoned with – neither can his minions. And if you hear me slurring my words on the way home from the tavern – don’t worry about it. It’s just allergies.” 

If you’ve been reading Warhammer Community over the last month or so, you already know a thing or two about some of the heroes and villains of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. You’ll also be aware of the sad story of Ulfenkarn’s history and a bit about the despotic ruler who brought it to its sorry state. 

Today, we’d like to turn your attention to some of the most bizarre adversaries your team of adventurers will face. First up, let’s meet the Deadwalker Zombies who stream in from the semi-sentient corpse-gardens. 

When we say the city crawls with a creeping menace, we mean that Ulfenkarn itself has seemingly leapt onto the shoulders of the dead to go for a stroll.