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Games Workshop Posts Next Week's Pre-Releases

It's a whole shotgun of stuff coming to the pre-order store over in Games Workshop's webshop next week. New books and kits for Age of Sigmar. Same goes for Necromunda. A new Chapter Approved for 40k as well. And various accessories to go with it all as well. Head through and check it out, because if you play a GW game, chances are good there's something for you.

From the article:

The Mortal Realms tremble to the pitter-patter of millions of scurrying feet breaching through gnawholes, but the rejuvenated Realm of Life prepares to strike back with a goddess at their head. Two new battletomes crown next week’s bountiful pre-orders, while Necromunda’s adventures into the ash wastes continue with a major new book, a vehicle, and a gang. And what a gang they are!