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Games Workshop Posts Updated Aeldari Autarch Datasheet

With the release of the new Aeldari box sets recently, there's a new set of options when building your Aeldari Autarchs. Well, the datasheet that they had figured you might have one or the other (the older kit) that the unit had. But what if you have both? Well, that's where this updated sheet comes in.

From the article:

A highly customisable new Autarch kit was released last month in the Eldritch Omens boxed set – and it’ll soon be released separately. The cleverest part is that it’s completely compatible with the other plastic Autarch in the Aeldari range, and they both come with a ton of bits to help you craft the splendid Aeldari general of your most murderous dreams.

Quite a few of you have been in touch to ask whether this flexibility can be reflected in the datasheet (which currently assumes you own one or the other – but not both). Given that every Autarch is a unique hero to their Craftworld, we’ve decided to update the datasheet to reflect their extensive martial prowess.