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Games Workshop Posts Updated Warcry Rules

If you're a Warcry player, you're probably interested in the new box set that came out. Not necessarily because of the minis, but because of the rules. The game's got a new edition and things are a-changin'. But how will your army change? You can get a look at that in this rules update posted by GW.

From the article:

Warcry, the fast-paced skirmish game set in the Mortal Realms, kicks off its new edition with the jam-packed Heart of Ghur boxed set. You’ve always been able to use a wide variety of Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniatures in Warcry, but this week we’re giving away free rules for a vast range of fighters to use in the Gnarlwood, starting with Grand Alliance Order. You’ll get updated fighter cards, revised abilities, and a new Reaction for each warband.

There are many warriors from this Grand Alliance you can use in your games of Warcry, from the Namarti Thralls to the Kharadron Overlords Skywardens. The Thunderstrike Stormcasts are among the most popular, so let’s see how the God-King’s chosen have been updated for the new edition.