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Games Workshop Previews Aeldari Corsairs in 40k

Just because you can pre-order the Aeldari codex now for 40k, it doesn't mean that Games Workshop is done with previews for them. The updated figures for the faction aren't the only ones they're getting, as the Corsairs from Kill Team: Nachmund are also getting rules to be used in the bigger-sized game. Get a look at them here.

From the article:

Codex: Aeldari is available to pre-order right now, alongside a warhost of new Aeldari goodies, such as Maugan Ra and his Dark Reapers. But that isn’t the end of the Aeldari assault. 

Beyond all the big, bright new Guardians, Aspect warriors, and Avatars, certain Aeldari have been up to some more sneaky stuff in this season of Warhammer 40,000. For instance, there’s a buccaneering band of Aeldari Corsairs getting ready to clash with Chaos Space Marine Legionaries in Kill Team: Nachmund.