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Games Workshop Previews Ash Waste Stormcallers for Necromunda

The dust storms out in the Ash Wastes are well-known to be deadly. The naturally-occurring ones are bad enough, but when a Stormcaller is around, they're used with weapon-like precision. Get a look at this new mini coming for Necromunda in this preview.

From the article:

In the ash-choked wilderness of Necromunda, visibility is everything. When your gang’s been hired to guard a Merchant Guild caravan, there are countless very real threats lurking just out of sight – so when a storm closes in and you hide your attackers from view, you’re going to need more than photogoggles and the headlights of your tricked-out dune buggy.

Why? Because those storms aren’t natural. They’re summoned by the mystics of the Ash Waste Nomads, dubbed the Wy’tari – or Stormcallers.