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Games Workshop Previews Auric Flamekeeper for Age of Sigmar

Fury of the Deep is the next box set coming for Age of Sigmar. We've taken a look at several of the minis, including the leader of the Idoneth Deepkin. This time around, it's the slayers that get their leader previewed. Let's check out the Auric Flamekeeper.

From the article:

As the dread tides of the Vitriolic Sea rise, and Ryftmar slips ever deeper into the boiling waves, Fury of the Deep draws that much closer.

This battlebox sees the merciless Idoneth Deepkin raid the halls of an ancient magmahold at the command of Carscalan, an Idoneth Thrallmaster whose story and skills we covered yesterday.

As the Idoneth infiltrate the Ancestor Halls at Ryftmar’s foundations they are met by Yaelgar, an Auric Flamekeeper of the Vostarg Lodge. Rudely interrupted in the middle of a funerary rite, this bellowing preacher takes up his brazier axe and turns his fury on the aether-sea raiders.