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Games Workshop Previews Bondsman Abilities for Imperial Knights

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> The Giant Robot Alert sure is getting a workout as we get more previews of the upcoming Codex: Imperial Knights for 40k. This time around, it's some of the Knights' special abilities that can help define a unit's role out on the battlefield.

From the article:

The new Codex: Imperial Knights will be ready to pre-order very soon, so you’ll be able to play out your neo-feudal fantasies on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium – but with giant mechanical steeds, rather than pathetic organic horses (with their weak, fleshy reliance on oats).

Imperial Knights are the very epitome of virtuous gallantry, and their squires want nothing more than to walk in their mighty footsteps. Why earn the Favour of the Dark Gods when you can earn the favour of your liege-lord? Thus, younger Nobles and lowborn pilots alike relish in undertaking the tasks appointed to them through Bondsman abilities.