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Games Workshop Previews Chaos Knights Warp Powers for 40k

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup, Giant Robot Alert. And just when you thought that the massive guns, thick armor, and dangerous close-combat weapons were all bad enough, these Chaos Knights can use psycher powers, too. Just what we all need...

From the article:

With the Chaos Knights Army Set coming soon, we’ve had a look at how these cursed weapons have changed, and how their pilots can petition the Chaos Gods for Dark Favours. But that’s not the end of their fell power.

The terrifying new Knight Abominant is not just a battlefield bully with puissant weaponry from a darker Age – such as the volkite combustor* – it’s also a Psyker that can call on the uncontrollable power of the empyrean to manifest ruinous powers from the Warp Storm discipline.