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Games Workshop Previews Crusade Rules for Leagues of Votann

The Leagues of Votann are nearly back upon us, but there's still some more to check out, including their Crusade rules. The Leagues are known for their resource acquisition, and it's balancing these resources and spending them wisely that will see you succeed in these campaigns in 40k. Take a look.

From the article:

For a real insight into how the Crusade rules for the Leagues of Votann work, we turned to Warhammer+ Battle Report presenter Si Grant, who’s been growing his army for a series of programmes on Warhammer TV.

Si: When an Oathband sets out from the galactic core, they do so not in search of fame and glory but to further the cause of League and Kin. In terms of their Crusade campaigns, their primary goal is to acquire fresh resources rather than killing and conquering.*

With every battle fought, your force will consolidate their military gains in the form of Requisition Points and Campaign Experience as normal, but they’ll also accrue one of four fundamental resources.