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Games Workshop Previews Cthonian Beserks for 40k

The Leagues of Votann are soon to make their way to 40k tabletops for the first time in a very, very, very long time. We've seen some of their troopers and a vehicle or two, all with more of a focus on ranged. But these fighters are more than willing to muck it up in melee. Check out the Cthonian Berserkers.

From the article:

We’ve seen a lot of the Leagues of Votann so far. The Hearthkyn Warriors make up the core of every Kinhost, often riding in paired Sagituar ATVs, while the mighty Einhyr Hearthguard unleash salvos of devastating firepower. And from out of this solid front line strikes an unexpected sight – furious Cthonian Beserks.

The courageous warriors of the Cthonian Mining Guilds represent some of the most heavily augmented Kin – unreasonably brave souls who have enhanced the physical capabilities of their cloneskeins with cybernetic upgrades, all the better to extract precious minerals from rad-plagued nebulae, explosive asteroids, and fathomless ocean depths. 

Boosted by the cyberstimms that flood their systems, the Beserks can keep battling through life-or-death situations. They eschew the high-tech STC weapons wielded by the rest of the Kin, using robust mining equipment such as heavy plasma axes and concussion mauls.