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Games Workshop Previews Glotl Stop Star Player for Blood Bowl

A new Star Player is ready to make his mark out on the Blood Bowl pitch. It's Glotl Stop and you can check out his mini in this preview.

From the scouting report:

Out of the sweltering jungles of Lustria stalks a brand new Star Player, ready to crack heads and scramble skulls – meet the superbly scaly Glotl Stop.

This new resin miniature from Forge World is a hulking brute of a Kroxigor, unchained and ready to satiate his primal hunger on the nearest snack-sized player – just make sure your own team keep clear of him when he starts looking peckish… 

When he’s not basking on a rock somewhere, the player known by his rivals as the Scaled Slasher – or the Primordial Nightmare, or the Killer Krox, or “Argh, Run!!” – plies his trade for the Lustrian Superleague. 

Glotl’s rules come packaged with him, so you can hit the pitch right away. They also appear in the upcoming Blood Bowl: Spike! Journal Issue 15, which contains all you need to run the hot-blooded Amazon team, the Kara Temple Harpies – as well as other Star Players such as Boa Kon’ssstriktr and Estelle La Veneaux.