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Games Workshop Previews Grey Knight Updates for 40k

Tomorrow, the new Grey Knight codex for 40k goes up for pre-order. It includes a lot of updates to the various units you know on the battlefield. In this preview, we get a look at a few of those updates and what it means for players and opponents of this elite army.

From the article:

With a massive new codex up for pre-order this weekend, plus the Hexfire battlebox with a nicely balanced starter force led by the jaw-dropping, redesigned Castellan Crowe model, we’ve been talking a lot about the Grey Knights this week. Today, we’re going to chat about which units have seen some of the biggest and best updates.

The Grey Knights are an all-elite army – deadly at range with storm bolters on nearly every model, absolutely lethal in melee, and equipped with some of the finest wargear produced in the Imperium. To top it all off, every single one of them is a Psyker of some skill. It’s hardly fair to your opponents, but that’s sort of the point.