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Games Workshop Previews Guardsmen For Kill Team

The Death Korps of Krieg are the Guardsmen coming in the new Kill Team box. Earlier today, we got a look at what the Orks are capable of. This time around, it's the human component of the new set. Have yourselves a look.

From the preview:

Life in the Astra Militarum is often short and violent, but certain capable Guardsmen survive long enough to earn the title of veteran and pick up a wealth of battlefield experience along the way. These talented (or lucky) individuals are prime candidates for the kinds of elite kill teams required for critical missions. 

We’ve already taken a long-lens gander at the Ork Kommandos who make up the opposite half of the upcoming Kill Team: Octarius boxed set, and now it’s time to meet the Veteran Guardsmen facing off against them. We’ve asked Kill Team playtester Wes for some of his thoughts too, as a veteran of the killzones himself.