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Games Workshop Previews Harbingers of Dread for Chaos Knights

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yup, even more Giant Robot Alert as we get more previews from the upcoming Codex: Chaos Knights from Games Workshop. This time, we get a look at some more special rules that these massive machines march into battle with.

From the article:

If you’re a fan of leering skulls, spiky carapaces, and flocks of evil birds, you’re in luck – the Chaos Knight Army Box is stomping closer and closer.

It contains three wicked new war machines – the Knight Abominant and two War Dogs – and it’s the first place you’ll be able to get the new Codex: Chaos Knights.These vile engines of destruction can conjure a psychic Warp Storm and earn the fair-weather Favour of the Dark Gods, but there’s even worse brewing on the horizon.

While armies of Imperial Knights can earn honour by following the Code Chivalric, the Chaos Knights snuff out hope wherever they go. Warp-spawned phenomena coalesce around these corrupted engines like clouds gathering atop a heavily-armed mountain – if every unit in your army has the CHAOS KNIGHTS keyword,* they become true Harbingers of Dread.

This new ability offers a series of cumulative effects that emanate from every corrupted Knight in your army, creating a pall of unnatural weather that swells and twists as the fighting intensifies. At the start of each battle round, you choose an ability from one of three categories – adding a new ingredient to your bubbling brew of DoomDespair, and Darkness.