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Games Workshop Previews Heavy Intercessors For Kill Team

Primaris Workshop... I mean, Games Workshop has a preview of some new Primaris Marines coming in the Pariah Nexus set for Kill Team. Have yourselves a look at the Heavy Intercessors.

From the article:

Marching to war in bulky Mk X Gravis armour, the Heavy Intercessors of the Adeptus Astartes are a recent addition to the ranks of the Indomitus Crusade, but they’ve already proven their worth in countless engagements. With their increased durability and powerful weapons, they’re the perfect choice to brave the deadly confines of the Pariah Nexus’ Necron tombs. After all, even the terrain is trying to kill you down there.

Regular Intercessors have some serious competition from their chunkier brothers, who get an extra Wound and point of Toughness, alongside stronger guns at the cost of only 2 additional points and an inch of Movement. This means that, as the first Gravis-armoured Space Marines available in Kill Team, Heavy Intercessors are the toughest troops in the Astartes roster.*

Their shiny new heavy bolt rifles are no slouches either – with Strength 5 and a range of ammunition types, giving anything from more shots to an extra point of Damage, they’re perfectly suited for tackling their rival elite operatives. Best of all, as you select models individually in Kill Team, you can mix and match their ammunition choices to your heart’s content.