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Games Workshop Previews Hero Changes in Age of Sigmar

Standing out from the rank and file in your army, the various heroes you choose to put on your Age of Sigmar roster are a cut above the rest. With the new edition of the game coming up, Games Workshop is taking a look at how they work and making them just a bit more heroic.

From the article:

Warhammer has always been a game about larger-than-life champions and horrifying beasts duking it out on the field of battle. Sure, there are plenty of troops who do most of the real work, but the big duels and epic throwdowns make for nail-biting games.

The upcoming edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar carries on the fine tradition of star-studded armies and then cranks it ALL the way up with heroic actions and monstrous rampages. Now that you know a bit about the setting, and the new ruleset in the Core Book, we can start getting into some of the finer details.