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Games Workshop Previews Highthaunt Special Rules for Age of Sigmar

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts." And, I mean, maybe Ray Parker Jr. isn't, but if I saw a whole host of ethereal enemies charging at me with sharp implements, I might be like, "Y'know, I AM afraid of that..." And that's what we get a look at in this Nighthaunt preview for Age of Sigmar. See how even battle-hardened troops might think twice when facing off against these undead foes.

From the article:

The Necroquake might have come to an end after the tumultuous events of Broken Realms: Teclis, but its morbid aftershocks are still empowering the forces of Death. The new Battletome: Nighthaunt is hitting pre-order this weekend, alongside the Craventhrone Guard and Awlrach the Drowner.

The spectral Nighthaunt have always been terrifying on the charge, a roiling spectral horde bearing rusty weapons and shackled with curses that transcend life itself. Such a sight would stab icy fear into even the most stalwart warriors, even before they start shrieking like a… well, like a banshee.