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Games Workshop Previews Infernal Masters for 40k

Tzeentch is the master of change. Followers of Tzeentch are able to change the battlefield in many ways, many through powerful magic. In this preview, we get a look at the upcoming Infernal Masters for 40k and how they'll be changing your games.

From the article:

In our preview of the biggest points drops from Chapter Approved 2021 last month, we revealed that new codexes are on their way for both the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights. We even hinted that a new Character, the Infernal Master, would soon be joining the ranks of Magnus’ sons. 

Well, it’s time to meet him, so please be on your best behaviour.

Infernal Masters are sorcerers of the Thousand Sons who specialise in daemonology, enabling them to strike bargains with the powers of the warp to secure otherworldly aid. 

If you’ve read The Horus Heresy novel A Thousand Sons, you’ll be familiar with the… er, familiars that Magnus’ sons know as tutelaries. It is these daemonic sprites that Infernal Masters call upon to do their bidding – a process known in the game as making Infernal Pacts.