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Games Workshop Previews Journeys in Cursed City

So... why go to a cursed city, anyway? It's not like there's a vibrant theater community and some great microbreweries. Well, we get a look at just why the heroes are journeying to Cursed City in this preview of... well... their journeys. Check it out.

From the article:

Your heroic band of adventurers don’t take trips to Ulfenkarn to just see the sights, despite how much they may want to visit the gorgeous gardens and welcoming taverns. No, each trip within the city walls has a specific purpose – whether it’s to slay the undead hordes, to find treasure that will help in your quest to overcome the evil tyrant Radukar the Wolf, or to rescue citizens from an unending, almost-sentient tide of earth, gravestones, and wailing spirits seeking to devour everything in its path.

Start Your Journey

There are four different journey types in Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Each one has a specific goal and moves the overall narrative of your quest along. Of course, if your journey is unsuccessful, it can have drastic ramifications for the population of Ulfenkarn.

Malicious Mechanics

The city of Ulfenkarn is subject to two conditions – influence and fear. While you work to destroy each of Radukar’s lieutenants, and the Wolf King himself, you need to keep an eye on both of these factors. If the citizenry succumbs to fear, Ulfenkarn itself will be swallowed by the voracious Shyish Nadir. If Radukar’s influence in the city grows too strong, the Wolf King will destroy your airship, the Adamant, and put an end to your efforts.