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Games Workshop Previews Khaos Marks in Kill Team: Nachmund

The Chaos Gods are destructive, but they will gladly give gifts to those that pledge their lives to them. These gifts can make an already formidable warrior into a true powerhouse. And we get a look at how these marks of Chaos work in Kill Team: Nachmund in this new preview.

From the article:

Kill Team: Nachmund is almost here, and the latest expansion for the ultimate sci-fi skirmish game pits swift Aeldari Corsairs against the brutal might of the Heretic Astartes. It’s quite possibly the most aggressive Kill Team boxed set so far – and by pledging themselves to the Chaos Gods, your Legionaries can become even deadlier.

Every kill team boasts an array of specialisms, but the Legionary kill team goes one step further by letting you assign a Mark of Chaos to each of your operatives. Proclaim your allegiance to the Dark Gods, and you’ll be gifted with new abilities and ploys – both Tactical and Strategic – to match. Don’t worry, there’s no danger of your prized operatives ending up as a Chaos Spawn.