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Games Workshop Previews Knightly Teachings for 40k

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> All these Codex: Imperial Knights and Codex: Chaos Knights announcements this week are certainly giving the Giant Robot Alert a workout. And we've got another one for you. This time, it's back to the "good guys" side of things with Knightly Teachings.

From the article:

The low roar of chainswords and gatling cannons is getting louder and louder as Codex: Imperial Knights and the Chaos Knights Army Set march their way to release. Faced with Fallen Nobles empowered by the Favour of the Dark Gods, the forces of the Imperial Knights have the odds stacked against them – but that’s just how they like it. What better way to win glory than conquering a true challenge? 

While the terrifying new Knight Abominant wields blasphemous psychic powers, the Imperial Knights honour the wisdom of their Household’s most grizzled veterans. These Knightly Teachings, offer a range of abilities than can inspire even lesser Knights to prove their worth on the battlefield.