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Games Workshop Previews Kreek Rustgouger for Blood Bowl

If you think that all Skaven are small and stealthy, you're dead wrong. And a perfect example of why that is will be coming to Blood Bowl pitches soon. Get yourself a look at star player Kreek Rustgouger in this scouting report.

From the scouting report:

Few Blood Bowl players have caused as much damage in such a short time as Kreek ‘The Verminator’ Rustgouger, perhaps the greatest Skaven creation ever to walk the pitch. After observing the rising success of Goblin teams in the Underworld Challenge, Clan Rigens rightly deduced it was down to their frequent use of secret weapons and resolved to build their own.

Kreek made his debut for the Warpfire Wanderers in style by taking out nearly half of the Dragon Crag Dirtbags, earning him his nickname and an immediate reputation for ball-and-chain brutality. His shockingly violent antics have earned the Verminator no fewer than 27 lifetime bans over the course of his career, none of which have managed to stick following public outcry, pressure from sponsors, and the frequent disappearance of match officials.