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Games Workshop Previews Kroot Tracker for Kill Team

When you don't want your prey to get away, you call in a Tracker. And one's headed soon to the tabletops of Kill Team. Get a look at the new Kroot Tracker and some of her special rules in this preview.

From the article:

If you watched our Summer Skirmish preview, you already know Kill Team: Into the Dark is coming soon. This boxed game pits Imperial Navy Breachers against a Kroot Farstalker Kinband aboard a desolate space hulk. You probably noticed the redesigned Kroot Hounds, but did you catch the other feathered friend the Kinband brought along?

The Imperial Navy Breachers aren’t the only ones bringing helpful companions into the Gallowdark. The Kroot Tracker raised this brave little fella from an egg, creating a deep bond that allows them to work together in battle. Known as a Pech’ra, these critters are native to Pech – the ancestral home world of the Kroot, where almost everything shares a common, carnivorous, Kroot-y ancestor. 

In battle, the Pech’ra helps the Kroot Tracker by swooping around the killzone on swift wings, seeking out hazards and hostiles with its four keen eyes – as represented by a mobile Pech’ra token.