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Games Workshop Previews More Black Templar Special Rules

When fighting against the Black Templars, it's more likely that you'll be able to smell them before you can see them. And not in the same way as you can with a faction like the Orks. No, they've got all kinds of special incense and such that they burn before going into battle. In this preview from their upcoming codex, we get a look at what these spring-fresh scents do for them besides cover up any burrito farts.

From the article:

The Black Templars Army Set is arriving for pre-order this weekend – it’s stuffed full of cool new miniatures covered in knightly details. The box also contains a codex supplement full of fanatical rules, including a section on the Relics and Relic Bearers of the Chapter.

As you might expect from a chapter that worships the emperor with such intensity, the Black Templars are obsessed with dusty old relics – to the extent that they even send out whole fleets to recover items which they – ahem – misplace.*