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Games Workshop Previews New Beast Snagga Rules for 40k

The next group of Orks to get themselves the spotlight in 40k are the Beast Snaggas. They bring a lot of new rules to the table, mostly by doing things The Old Ways, taming and riding the wild beasts of the planets they inhabit. In this preview, we get a look at some of their special rules that show just how kunnin' they can be.

From the article:

The Ork Beast Snaggas are coming, and they’re ‘ready ta krump’ anything that stands in their way. But how will they krump it? And why? Let’s take a look at some characterful and brutally effective rules for the Beast Snaggas to find some answers.

As diverse and volatile a group of Orks as ever there was, the Beast Snaggas are united by their universal abundance of scar tissue, bionic limbs, and a shared desire to fight things bigger than themselves. The Beast Snagga keyword not only gives these units a 6+ invulnerable save, but also +1 to hit rolls made against Monsters and Vehicles, which seems like a pretty good starting point.