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Games Workshop Previews New Blood Bowl Star Player

What happens if you take the premise of a movie like Air Bud and put it in the Games Workshop universe? Well, you'd probably end up with someone like Wilhelm Chaney, a new werewolf star player coming soon for Blood Bowl.

From the article:

Jim: Blood Bowl really is the most inclusive sport, wouldn’t you say, Bob?

Bob: It sure is, Jim. You don’t even need to be alive to play it.

Jim: Indeed, it doesn’t matter what you were before your Blood Bowl career. Just look at Hall-of-Famer Wilhelm Chaney. He’s a werewolf!

It’s time to unveil the latest Blood Bowl legend to make a return to the gridiron – Star Player Wilhelm Chaney. 

Old hands – and anyone who’s read Spike! Journal Issue 11 – will undoubtedly be familiar with this four-time Goodest Boy Award-winner, and we can now reveal his incredible new miniature for the first time. Awoo!