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Games Workshop Previews New Chaos Space Marines for Kill Team

Nachmund is the new box set coming for Kill Team. In it, there's going to be a bunch of new Chaos Space Marines hitting tabletops. We get a look at them in this preview. Have yourselves a look-see.

From the article:

We’ve still not quite recovered from seeing the amazing new Corsair Voidscarred that we saw two weeks ago – but who will they be facing off against in Kill Team: Nachmund? It could only be the Heretic Astartes.

As we’ve seen from the Eldritch Omens boxed set, there’s really no love lost between the Aeldari and the Chaos Space Marines. The Legionaries in Kill Team: Nachmund come with an additional sprue over their heretical brethren, packed with cool details and weapons to give them even more ways to kill Aeldari. 

Much like the T’au Pathfinders from the Kill Team: Chalnath set, this box provides a ton of new customisation options for an existing kit. Legionary kill team commanders are going to be spoilt for choice.