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Games Workshop Previews New Daemon Prince and Battletome

Battletome: Slaves of Darkness has been added to the roadmap of battletomes hitting store shelves this year. Along with it, we get a new, big mini on its way. Head through to check out the new Daemon Prince as well as the updated Age of Sigmar Battletome Release Roadmap.

From the article:

The fickle winds of fate have revealed a dark and baleful power gathering in the heart of the realms of Chaos.

Yes, Battletome: Slaves to Darkness is on its way. Archaon’s armies are riding out from the Eightpoints to stoke the fires of Chaos, and lay claim to the Mortal Realms with an iron gauntlet in the name of the Ruinous Powers.

The new battletome also heralds new miniatures – lots and lots of spiky new miniatures – and the crowning jewel of this release is an all-new Daemon Prince, who towers above the mortals under their command.