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Games Workshop Previews New Drukhari Rules For 40k

The Drukhari (apparently what they're calling the Dark Eldar these days) in 40k are getting themselves an update soon in the form of a new codex. They're also getting new box sets to go along with it. In this preview, we get a look at their base troops and how they'll be changing.

From the article:

You may soon start to see your Drukhari arriving in sleek new packaging, ahead of their upcoming codex release, and with it comes a sneak peek at some of the rules you can expect to see in the near future.

Pouring from their Raider transports in search of slaves and plunder, Kabalites have always looked to close with their prey, and now they’re even more capable of swift and bloody close combat than before. A quick glance at their digested datasheet shows a crucial extra Attack in their profile, which if you ask us has been a long time coming for these agile and wickedly sharp raiders.