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Games Workshop Previews New Hearthkyn Warriors Unit for 40k

The Leagues of Votann were never expected to be part of 40k ever again. But they are and we get a look at a whole squad of Hearthkyn Warriors in this preview.

From the article:

After many millennia of isolation, the Leagues of Votann are returning to the galactic stage – ready to dirty their hands, protect the Holds, and defend their way of life. 

When we first announced the return of this ancient faction, we showed off a single Hearthkyn Warrior – well, now here’s a whole squad!

These hardy clone warriors form the core of the Kinhosts, and unlike the Adeptus Astartes, they are not bred solely for war. These soldiers are citizens drawn from the populace of the Holds, regardless of gender, job, or social role. They’re Kin who have undergone rigorous martial training, yes, but they also have fulfilling lives outside of war. 

Hearthkyn Warriors are often engineered with particular cloneskeins that allow them to specialise in combat – heightened senses, improved stamina, and the ability to see better in the dark, to name but a few. In contrast, others augment their bodies for battle with mechanical limbs and synthetic organs. Held in equal status in League society, Ironkin also fight shoulder to shoulder with their flesh-and-blood comrades – Kin are Kin, even in war.