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Games Workshop Previews New House Delaque Figures for Necromunda

There's some new figures coming for House Delaque soon for Necromunda. In this preview, we get a look at them and their cute, little, mechanical wyrm pets. Ok, so maybe they're only cute to House Delaque members...

From the article:

The denizens of House Delaque are up to something. They’ve been patiently waiting in the shadows as the other Clan Houses received their updates – waiting, preparing, gathering information, and training their psychic pet wyrms. 

Now they’re almost ready to strike with the sinister reinforcements they’re receiving alongside the upcoming House of Shadow book – a tome that’s packed with incredible artwork, lore, and rules for the malicious new fighters. 

We caught a glimpse of the gangers at Warhammer Fest, but now we’ve had a sneaky look at their rules too. If you’re a fan of this mysterious Clan, you want to know what you’re about to face in the underhive, or you just love strange, malevolent miniatures, you have to see what’s next for the Delaque.