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Games Workshop Previews New Khorne Team for Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl, as violent as it is out on the pitch, attracts a certain type of player. That includes those drawn to the bloodshed, especially, followers of Khorne, the blood god. In this preview, we get a look at the new Khorne team for Blood Bowl that's heading to the pitch soon.

From the preview:

At Gen Con last week, we revealed that the most brutally violent team in the history of the sport is on its way to join the Blood Bowl circuit. That’s right, the Khorne team is coming to spill blood in quantities never before imagined by even the most unhinged spectator. But how in the name of Nuffle’s sacred boot did the Blood God’s notoriously battle-hungry warriors ever get tempted onto the astrogranite? Let’s find out…

It may be the most violent sport in existence, but even Blood Bowl can’t compete with some good ol’ fashioned war and death for the worshippers of Khorne, right? Well, that’s what the Blood God himself thought, too… that is, until he saw a game being played and revelled in the merciless brutality unleashed by the players.

Khorne wanted in on the action, and his loyal followers were soon terrorising pitches across the Old World for the glory and amusement of their bloodthirsty patron. The Blood God’s teams took to the aggressive side of the sport with all the murderous intensity that one could expect from a bunch of glorified psychopaths, who often left the ball untouched in their frenzied determination to beat their opponents to a pulp.