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Games Workshop Previews New Kroot Rules for 40k

While much of the focus for the T'au army is on their shiny vehicles and flashy guns, there's also the very low-tech allies, the Kroot, that they bring with them into battle. In this preview, we get a look at some of the rules they'll have in the new T'au codex coming to pre-order soon.

From the article:

Since the earliest days of their empire, the T’au have called upon alien auxiliaries to fight alongside the Fire Caste. First among their allies are the Kroot, a mercenary race of carnivorous avian hunters, and the new Codex: T’au Empire – available to pre-order this weekend – gives them a bunch of beastly upgrades.

Kroot are tall, wiry warriors with the speed of a sprinter and the power of a heavyweight boxer. They wield their distinctive double-bladed Kroot rifles with quicksilver reflexes before carving up their prey for a spot of post-battle supper.