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Games Workshop Previews New Necromunda Mini

I'm not sure if this should be triggering the Giant Robot Alert or not. And yes, I know it's a suit and not a robot. It's long been established that the alarm goes off for either. This is the Van Saar Servo-suit and it'll be coming to the Underhive soon in Necromunda. Get a better look at it below.

From the preview:

We’ve seen some unusual things in the underhive recently – from Noble House interlopers to the ultimate dream team from House Cawdor. But nothing quite compares to the technological wonder that is the Van Saar Servo-suit.

Servo-suits are typically used in heavy industry to lift materials or operate machinery. The Van Saar are particularly fond of them, due to both the deficiencies caused by radiation poisoning that has afflicted their clan and their love of technology.

Of course, the House isn’t above adding a few extra weapons to them when they’re expecting a dust-up with a rival gang. The heavy weaponry they’re packing generally tips the scales in their favour.