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Games Workshop Previews New Orruk Warscrolls for Age of Sigmar

The Orruk warclans are getting a new Battletome in Age of Sigmar soon. If you're wondering what some of their new Warscrolls will look like, you get a chance in this preview. One's a pretty big 'un (as you can see above).

From the article:

Wicked things are emerging from the swamps of the Mortal Realms as the Orruk Warclans battletome goes up for pre-order this weekend. This brilliant book is packed with rules for greenskins of all three flavours – brutal, kunnin’, and wild – and it’s accompanied by two new miniatures, the imposing Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth and the primitive but effective Beast-skewer Killbow.