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Games Workshop Previews New Shining Spears for 40k

Only losers walk their way into battle. Riding is the way to go. And sure, you could be shoved into a mobile sardine can. But why not ride in style in a sleek, shiny jetbike? That's how the Shining Spears get into combat. And you can get a look at how they're changing in the new Aeldari codex from Games Workshop in this preview.

From the article:

No matter their discipline, Aspect Warriors are specialised fighters trained to execute a particular facet of warfare at its absolute peak. Fire Dragons reduce vehicles to molten scrap, Howling Banshees scream and shout, and the sleek new Dark Reapers win all the prizes at Halloween costume parties.

First revealed at LVO 2022, the updated Shining Spears live for the thrill of the joust. Their expertise lies in skewering far-off foes by striking like lightning and killing with a single blow – and the upcoming Codex: Aeldari gives you the tools you need to soar across the battlefield for a spectacular first turn charge.