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Games Workshop Previews New Vehicle Rules for Necromunda

The Book of the Outlands is the new supplement coming for Necromunda. Out there in the wastes, you don't want to just be hoofing it from place to place. Best to get yourself some transportation. And the book includes new rules for designing your own ride. Get a quick look at some of them in this preview.

From the article:

The next expansion for Necromunda is nearly here, and it’s essential for any serious ash wastes gearhead. The Book of the Outlands is absolutely bursting with crucial rules – including two complete gangs, expanded vehicle rules, and a few surprises yet to come.

In case you’d prefer to drive straight out of the showroom, this book contains stats and upgrades for standard Imperial vehicles such as Wolfquads, Achilles Ridgerunners, and Goliath Rockgrinders. You can turbo-charge their engines, festoon them with spikes, boarding cages, and boobytraps, or just bolt on extra weapon hardpoints. 

But even that element of customisation pales in comparison with the raw possibilities of the Wasteland Workshop – a new system which lets you build almost anything short of a banjaxed Baneblade, slam it into top gear, drive it right out onto the ash wastes and start shooting (or racing, or ramming, or boarding, or…)