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Games Workshop Previews Nighthaunt for Age of Sigmar

Though it's May, I've got my Type O Negative playlist going because I kinda want a bit of spooky. Seems Games Workshop does as well, because we get a preview of the upcoming Battletome: Nighthaunt book.

From the article:

The ethereal hosts of the Nighthaunt are the embodiment of torture, cursed by Nagash to an eternity of cruel and ironic suffering. Of course, being banished by the do-gooding (or do-badding) enemies of Death would cut that suffering short,* so the Supreme Lord of the Undead has ensured that destroying his haunting horrors is no easy task.

The upcoming Battletome: Nighthaunt doesn’t just boast spectral sharpshooters and perilous pencil-pushers – it’s about to get a whole lot tougher to shift these spooks.