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Games Workshop Previews Norse Team and Rules for Blood Bowl

A new team is getting prepped for the pitch in Blood Bowl. They're the Norscans and they bring with them new minis and new rules. We get a look at both of them in this preview.

From the scouting report:

The Norse Blood Bowl team is available for pre-order this weekend, bringing Beer Boars, biceps, and brutality to the pitch. But what tricks and tactics do they have to score the touchdowns you need to win games? 

You’ll find all their roughhousing rules in Spike! Journal 14 – also up for pre-order this weekend – so we cracked open the pages for a playbook preview.

The heart of every Norscan team is its humble Norse Raider Linemen – they’re cheap and they start with the Block skill, which allows them to remain standing after a Both Down result. This makes single-dice Blocks much more viable, right from day one. These hefty jarls also have the Thick Skull skill, which makes up for their lower Armour Value* by making them harder to knock out.