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Games Workshop Previews Outland Beastmasters and Millisaurs for Necromunda

I'm not necessarily afraid of bugs, but I'm not really a huge fan of them, either. And, I mean, I've seen some really big ones in my time, but none bigger than me. If I saw that, I'm pretty sure that I'd turn and leave. But that's what we have here with the new Necromunda preview from Games Workshop.

From the article:

Necromunda has a pest control problem. The Ash Wastes Nomads have whole warrens full of bugs they use as cavalry and employ to ambush trespassers, Cawdor sickos have been taming rats and strapping bombs to them for years, while Outland Beastmasters are now fraternising with nightmarish Ripperjacks.

If that weren’t enough, there are even more breeds of Beastmaster on the loose, and they’ve found some other nasty vermin to pal about with – Millisaurs.