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Games Workshop Previews Plague Companies in 40k

The Death Guard codex is coming soon, and with it, a new wave of plague and contagion (be sure to wear a mask and wash your hands). In this preview, we get a look at the Plague Companies that will be rolling out in those pages. Turn the page. Wash your hands. Turn the page. Wash your hands. And then you turn the page, and then you wash your hands.

From the article:

Grandfather Nurgle’s cauldron has been bubbling away for a while now, and it’s almost time to sample the delicious concoctions being cooked up in the new Death Guard codex. We’ve been previewing many of the key changes to their rules over the past few weeks, so today we’re looking back at some of the most important updates ahead of pre-orders opening later this month.

But before that, we’ve got a new tidbit for you. You may remember the introduction of Plague Companies during the Psychic Awakening saga, giving you another way to customise your Death Guard force and bring new Warlord Traits and Relics to the table. These rules will be undergoing a few changes with the release of the new codex, including opportunities to bring further Contagions of Nurgle into play.