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Games Workshop Previews Skaven Path to Glory Rules for Age of Sigmar

We've been going back and forth between the Skaven and the Sylvaneth in terms of previews for Age of Sigmar. This time around, it's Skaven behind the steering wheel, with their Path to Glory rules being the destination.

From the article:

Stay on your toes – the engineers of the Clans Skryre are burrowing their way through the space between realms to deliver this weekend’s explosive pre-order payload of Battletome: Skaven. It’s their greatest triumph yet! 

In fact, nearly every battle fought by the skaven is in service to one duplicitous ploy or another – and the schemes of the Great Horned Rat are the most overwrought ruses of all. Clawlords who can fulfil their master’s circuitous demands are greatly rewarded… especially in Path to Glory campaigns.