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Games Workshop Previews Skaven Special Rules for Age of Sigmar

Usually, if you find one rat in your house, there's a whole bunch more hiding where you can't see them. They rarely are out on their own. Such is the case with the Skaven as well. And though, individually, they're rather cowardly, in a giant mass, they can be a real force to be reckoned with. We get a look at how that works in Age of Sigmar in this preview of the faction's upcoming battletome.

From the article:

If the skaven can be counted on for anything, it’s their legendary sense of self-preservation. Seeking to outnumber your foe isn’t cowardice, it’s simple mathematics – with thousands of other Clanrats by your side, it’s far less likely that any incoming spears and arrows will hit you.*

Emboldened by a perverse faith in the power of probability, the verminous warriors of the Under-Empire surge forward in a tidal wave of chittering teeth and rusty blades. The upcoming Battletome: Skaven gives these massive hordes the tools they need to fight as an irrepressible whole.