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Games Workshop Previews Soul Weavers for Kill Team

Not every soldier is meant to be on the very front lines, going toe-to-toe with the enemy. Those troops would be taken out quickly if it weren't for all the soldiers behind them, providing support. One such support is the Soul Weaver. We get a look at this figure in today's preview of the upcoming Kill Team: Nachmund set.

From the article:

The Chaos Space Marines in Kill Team: Nachmund are really scary – they can receive dark blessings from Marks of Chaos, the Balefire Acolyte can toss burning pinballs behind cover, and the Butcher can slay three operatives in a single turn. To defeat them and emerge victorious in the smoke-filled killzones of Nachmund, the Corsair Voidscarred are going to have to fight smarter. That’s where the Soul Weaver comes in.

The eclectic raiders that make up a Corsair warband come from all walks of Aeldari life, and those drawn from a craftworld bear a spirit stone. This psychoreactive gem absorbs an Aeldari’s soul when they perish, keeping it safe from the hunger of Slaanesh until it can be returned to its craftworld – and perhaps be installed in a sleek wraithbone construct.

Soul Weavers have a different approach. These spacefaring mystics are draped in spirit stones, but they’re not just accessorising with their outfit* – they wield the power and knowledge of the Aeldari souls stored within (both friend and foe), to enhance the abilities of friendly operatives. And they just might be the best support operative in Kill Team.