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Games Workshop Previews Sylvaneth Special Rules for Age of Sigmar

The Sylvaneth are as in-tune with nature as a faction can get, really. So, of course, as the seasons change, so do they. And in this preview of their upcoming battletome, we get a look at some of their special rules specifically tied to the Seasons of War.

From the article:

From shadowy springs in Ulgu’s umbral valleys to scorching summers atop the gleaming peaks of Chamon, the seasons of the Mortal Realms are ever-shifting. Whether it waxes or wanes, the power of nature suffuses the realms – the Everqueen’s deepwood hosts are on the march, and Battletome: Sylvaneth is getting riper by the day.

Before we pluck that bountiful fruit, let’s have a taster of the juicy rules within. Though winter in Ashqy is vastly different to the same season in Shyish, the realms all move through four broadly similar phases – and the Sylvaneth are symbiotically linked to these Seasons of War.