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Games Workshop Previews T'au From Chalnath

We've seen what the Adeptas Sororitas are getting in the new Chalnath box set for Kill Team. Now, we get a look at the T'au, who they'll be facing off against. Get a peek at their stats and special rules in this preview.

From the article:

As a T’au war fleet bears down on the Vedik system to reclaim it from Imperial hands (admittedly, hands they originally took it from in the first place) Pathfinder teams range ahead to disrupt the defenders. Led by combat veterans with many years of experience, they creep through rubble to gather information and assassinate targets with ruthless efficiency.

Now that you’ve had a good look at their upgrade sprue, which is full of new toys, you probably want to know what all of that tech does.

Having spent their entire lives studying the T’au art of warfare, Shas’ui* Pathfinders are consummate commanders, able to deftly read the flow of battle and adapt their tactics on the fly.