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Games Workshop Previews The Emperor's Children for The Horus Heresy

With the new edition of The Horus Heresy coming out soon, Games Workshop is giving us a look at all the different Legiones Astartes factions and giving us a glimpse of how they'll be changing. This time around it's the Emperor's Children and their stylish, purple outfits.

From the article:

Where many of the Legiones Astartes specialised in one form of combat, the Emperor’s Children strove for perfection on all fronts – on and off the battlefield. These gilded warriors executed meticulously planned strategies that used their finely-honed skills to maximum effect – and delivered more than a little of the ol’ razzle dazzle in the process.

When all went to plan, the Emperor’s Children could easily take on many times their number without a hitch. Even if things went awry, the Legion could still be carried to success by the individual excellence of its warriors and the devoted faith they put in their leaders.